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Another overwhelmed 2:30-ish post. I'm tired in a sleepless sort… - Cellar Door [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 3rd, 2008|02:38 am]
Another overwhelmed 2:30-ish post.

I'm tired in a sleepless sort of way. Trying not to think too hard about graduating or maybe not graduating, or about how clear it is that I like the boy I am dating more than he likes me and how I've refused to let that thought out of the back of my mind until right now, or about how desperately I miss being in love because it's been almost four years since the last time, or about how my best friends are changing in ways I don't understand, or about how I've stopped answering my phone and how I'm just not capable of understanding my future. I'm a little panicked, and a little lonely, and far too uncertain.

I just need something solid. I need to not live with my parents again. And I really need to never, ever have my heart broken again. I need the voice of reason, but for some reason, I just can't conjure Richie Havens' soothing baritone telling me everything's fine in my head like I normally do when I need to hear the voice of reason.